• Faculty of Health Science Students are in Practice Session inside University’s Medical Laboratory. 
  • Members of Sudan Higher Education Ministry Visited Jazeera University.

  • Faculty of Computer Science and IT Students in Practice Session.

  • Faculty of Agricultural Science Students Farming University’s Practical Nursery.

  • Faculty of Veterinary Science Students in Practice Session.

  • Faculty of Engineering & Geology Students are practicing University Engineering & Geology Labs.

  • Last Year Students Faculty of Medicine & Surgery Taking Their Internship inside University’s Main Laboratory.

  •  To all students Faculty of BA & Enomics Mng, are informed to participate a seminar that will be held at 15/07/ 2018. | 7/13/2018 10:23:00 PM
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welcome to Jazeera university. Jazeera university offers bachelor, diploma degrees as well as certificate programmes to the students. our programmes will enable you to rise to the top of your choosen degree.