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After the independence, Somali government inherited two different administration systems; one form Italian colony and other from British colony respectively in 1960. At the beginning, the two systems were formed for the interest of such colonial authorities not favor for Somali people.

According to education sector, the new elected Somali government achieved three different curriculum’s Italian, British and besides Arabic mainly from Egypt with Islam study primary schools. At that time there were a few secondary schools. Due to the exists of different curriculum and syllabus, the government tried to establish unified curriculum for primary and secondary schools. The schooling were set in three level system: elementary four years, intermediate four years and secondary four years.

University’s Background: (Jazeera University)

Secondary graduated students increased rapidly and the needs higher education grew highly. Not even Mogadishu, secondary graduators from the other regions came Mogadishu seeking higher, some Somali scholar though the situation seriously. After a long discussion and giving serious consideration to the situation, they established a new university called Jazeera University, in academic year 2010-2011 with four faculties with good starting the enrolment was quite high. The faculties are: Medicine and surgery health science (Nursing, Medicine laboratory techniques (MLT), computer science) and education.

The reputation of the university grew higher after one year of academic due to its curriculum and competent lecturers. It was formed in Mogadishu and the enrollment is increasing year after a year. It is one of three reputable university in Mogadishu. At moment, it has three levels and it is six years university. At present the number of the students is around 2000 in number.

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