• To play an effective role in the development of Agriculture, Veterinary and technology in conjunction with the industry and to provide extension services so as to contribute to the social and economic development of Somalia.
  • To produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into operation by establishing and operating their own farming enterprises and improve animal health and production
  • To establish a sustainable society coexisting with nature; and to develop intellectual foundations for the society,
  • To conduct the education of wide knowledge on agricultural and veterinary sciences and the researches concerning with “Food, Environment and Animal health.
  • To produce extension workers who should be able to communicate effectively with rural farmers and pastures.

To offer accessible quality training and vibrant centre of excellence in sustainable agriculture, food, and improving animal health.

To maintain a leadership role in the pursuit of knowledge through quality research, teaching, training for sustainable development, consultancy and outreach and to contribute to increased human resources, agricultural productivity, animal health development, poverty reduction, and food security using environmentally sustainable technologies and to explore students’ capabilities and interests and may develop their full intellectual and human potent.