Introduction to Faculty of Computer Science & Technology

Computer Science is a fascinating subject, and one that is now indispensable in our lives.

Almost every aspect of modern life involves computing from mobile phones, TVs, planes, trains and cars, to gaming, security and medicine. Every organization’s payroll, customer records and finances are held electronically, sometimes containing millions and millions of records.

Looking to the future, initiatives such as cloud computing will connect us all through small portable devices, enhancing social networking and allowing us to exchange audio and video data from our daily lives.

By studying Computer Science at Jazeera University you will get both an understanding of the wonderful subject that is Computer Science, and also equip yourself with the skills to have a great career ahead of you.

As a student at Jazeera, you have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects encompassing all aspects of Computer Science. We have some unique aspects in our courses.

A university education is about you, the student, supported by an enthusiastic community of professional teaching and research staff.

If you decide to study Computer Science at Jazeera, you will benefit from our high teaching quality supported by highly competent academic staff and academic support staff.

About Faculty Of Computer Science And IT

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology in Jazeera University plays the role to produce experts in Computer Science and Information Technology and to fulfill the needs of local and industry abroad.

The Faculty  of Computer Science and Information Technology offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science and Information Technology .

The Bachelor of Computer Science degree is a 4-year degree program (consisting of eight consecutive semesters of sixteen weeks)   that encompasses all aspects of computing as a discipline. The program covers theoretical and scientific foundations as well as various extensive applications in industry and commerce. The curriculum of the program emphasizes problem-based learning concepts particularly through practical/project/training-based courses that are integrated throughout the years, and emphasizes as well as inculcates a research orientation to the student.


  • Enable students to keep up with global advances in computer Science and Information Technology
  • Encourage students to join computer and IT and help them with their specializations
  • Prepare computer science professionals and increase the skill and knowledge in ICT to the society
  • Establish well established entity to keep up with computer studies and IT.
  • Establish specialized entity to teach computer across the University.
  • Encourage students to join computer and IT and give them access and help them choose the specialization that suits their abilities.