Jazeera University Programme Delivery

The methodology of instruction is learner-oriented and the learner must be an active participant in the pedagogical (teaching and learning) process. The instructions are imparted through face-to-face mode as per the requirement. The University follows the following approach for instruction, which comprises:

  1. Self-Instructional Written Material: The printed study material (written in self-instructional
  2. style) for both theory and practical components of the programmes is supplied to the learners
  3. in every units he/she registered for. It is generally referred to as hand-out.
  4. Face to face instructions: This mode is lecturer centered learning approach. It gives the students the chance to grasp the first hand information. It is the traditional mode of instructions and the University embraced it in totality.
  5. Audio-Visual Material Aids: The learning package contains audio and video CDs which is used by the University to explain and augment understanding of the course material given to the learners. The audio and video materials are subject to the nature of unit or course taken i.e. English lessons.
  6. Practical/Project Work: Some Programmes have practical/project component also. Practical’s are the major pillars of Medical courses, Engineering, Allied health, Agro-veterinary, Education, IT and computer science. It is mandatory for the students in the departments to attend for designated period. Project work is common to all students and almost all the courses assigned it to the students.