Strategies of the university:

  • Be international in character and provision.
  • Attract, attain, motivate and support staff of the highest quality including those with an international perspective.
  • Be welcoming, responsive and developing institution which contributes to economic and social change and promotes fairness, equal opportunity, diversity and social responsibility.
  • Harness and enhance new technologies and information systems in research teaching and management.
  • Commit excellence in the advancement and communication of knowledge.
  • Promoting, developing and sustaining research of international standing across wide range of disciplines.
  • Equip students of the university with a curiosity driven and deep understanding of their subject, a critical approach and skills relevant to their future careers.
  • Providing a rich and varied learning experience to the students in research led by environment by the staff at the forefront of their discipline.
  • Working with regional, national and international partners to apply the outcome of their researches and enhance their teachings.